Vol. 9 No.1 (2024)

Online learning environment and learners’ learning effectiveness at the Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan

Ganiyu O. Quadri
Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan

T.G. Muibi
University of Ibadan


Rationale of Study – The breakthrough of the Internet in broadening access to teaching and learning gave an opportunity for information sharing, knowledge sharing, collaboration and social interaction among tutors-learners, learners- learners -learners and the institution. Based on this, this study investigated the influence of online learning environment components (online course design, facilitation and assessment) on learners’ learning effectiveness at the Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan.

Methodology – The descriptive survey research design was adopted. The population was comprised of 100-500 level students, with a sample size of 200 students randomly selected from the faculties of Arts, Education, Science, and Social Sciences. A questionnaire of thirty (30) items on the Perceived Online Learning Environment and Learners' Learning Effectiveness Scale (r=.78) was used for the study. Data were analysed using multiple regression and descriptive statistics of frequency counts and simple percentages at a 0.05 level of significance.

Findings – The study's findings revealed that the Online Learning Environment Components (Online Course Design, Facilitation, and Assessment) significantly influenced Learners’ Learning Effectiveness (F (3, 196) = 12.197; R2 = 0.158) and jointly accounted for 15.8% of its variance.

Implications – Based on the findings, it was recommended that the management of the Distance Learning Centre, notably the University of Ibadan, should improve on the three online learning environment components so that this improves learners' competence in online learning, knowledge sharing and management in the digital age.

Originality – This is an original study conducted at the University of Ibadan on learning environments and information services.


Online learning, learners’ environment, learning components, distance learners, distance learning centre, University of Ibadan