Vol. 9 No.1 (2024)

Library service provision for improved satisfaction among library users in selected university libraries in Tanzania

Kaishe-Mulungu, Dativa Donati
Mzumbe University

Lwehabura, Mugyabuso Julius Festo
Sokoine University of Agriculture


Rationale of Study – Libraries play a crucial role in providing services and information resources. However, university libraries in Tanzania lack sufficient services, facilities, and resources to meet the needs of their users. Therefore, this study was conducted to assess the level of user satisfaction with library services in Tanzania. Specifically, to determine the existing library services provision in the selected universities, to determine the extent of users' satisfaction with library services, and to examine the influence of library service provision on user satisfaction.

Methodology – The sample size was 397 respondents, who were academic staff, library staff and students from five selected universities, selected through simple random sampling as per Israel (1992) sample determination table, and 68 key informants, who were heads of university departments, were selected through purposive sampling. Both qualitative and quantitative information were collected using questionnaires and interviews. The quantitative data were analysed using SPSS software, while the qualitative were analysed through content analysis.

Findings – The results indicated that the primary services provided by libraries were circulation (22.2%), internet (15.6%) and reference services (14.9%). Furthermore, the study found that the satisfaction levels were statistically significant at 5% and 1% levels of significance. The majority of respondents (53%) rated the service quality in terms of information availability as high.

Implications – The study also revealed that library service provision significantly influenced user satisfaction. These results imply that respondents were satisfied with library services. However, there are some challenges, such as internet connectivity, institutional repository and secretarial services, which were recommended for improvement.

Originality – This is an original study conducted in five selected universities in Tanzania.


User satisfaction, service provision, university libraries, Tanzania