Vol. 9 No.1 (2024)

Aspects of travel information behaviour of postgraduate students of a high education institution in Nigeria

Williams Ezinwa Nwagwu
University of South Africa

Deborah Oluwayimika Adeyemi
Department of Data and Information Science
University of Ibadan


Rationale of Study – This study explores the information behaviour of postgraduate students enrolled at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. It investigates the diverse information needs of these students, mainly focusing on their utilisation of travel information, sources of travel information and the effect of prior travel experience.

Methodology – A descriptive survey design was employed to gather data from a sample of 200 postgraduate students conveniently selected. The study utilised a combination of a quantitative method to assess the students' information-seeking behaviours.

Findings – The findings indicate that postgraduate students at the University of Ibadan have varied information needs, including those related to leisure, education, personal growth, and social interactions. They predominantly rely on mobile devices, the Internet, social networks, family and relatives, and personal travel experiences to access travel information. They reported high levels of satisfaction and effectiveness in using travel information for destination selection and cost estimation.

Implications – The study underscores the importance of enhancing access to electronic databases, which are vital sources of travel information for postgraduate students. Additionally, it highlights the need to address issues related to distance to information sources and improve library services and resources to support students' information needs better.

Originality – This study contributes to the existing literature by providing insights into the information behaviour of postgraduate students in a Nigerian university context.


Utilisation of travel information, library services and resources, information technology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria