Vol. 8 No.2 (2023)

The moderating effect of social media usage on factors influencing workplace knowledge sharing: towards a predictive model

Philip Mong’are Achoki
Refined Research Global

Kepha Odiwuor Pondi
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Rationale of Study – Companies seek to implement different knowledge sharing initiatives, such as social media usage, to access a wide range of expertise and knowledge from employees. However, whether social media usage is beneficial or detrimental in workplaces is ongoing. Not much has been done regarding SMU for KS in the Kenyan insurance industry. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the moderating effect of social media usage on factors influencing knowledge sharing among insurance companies' employees in Kenya.

Methodology – The researchers used a survey strategy to collect data for this study. A structured questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data from insurance employees in Kenya. A total of 274 employees from 11 companies completed the survey. The researchers analysed the data using descriptive statistics, multiple regression, and hierarchical regression.

Findings – The results indicate that social media usage significantly moderates the relationships between three individual factors (trust, altruism, and self-efficacy) and knowledge sharing. The resultant model is significant (F [4, 254] = 187.022, p < .001). This model explains approximately 74% of the variance in knowledge sharing.

Implications – Insurance companies should promote a culture and work environments characterised by trust, knowledge self-efficacy (through continuous personal development), altruistic practices, and appropriate SMU to help increase work-related socialisation among employees, thus increasing the possibility and opportunities for knowledge sharing and exchange which will in return help reduce knowledge loss as shared knowledge will be retained in the organisation even after some employees depart.

Originality – This paper publishes the results of an original study of the moderating effect of social media usage on factors influencing knowledge sharing


Workplace knowledge sharing, social media usage, moderating effect, insurance, survey, Kenya