Vol. 7 No.1 (2022)

The Role of Knowledge Leaders to Enhance Organisational Performance Through Society 5.0

Rachel Barker
Department of Communication Science
University of South Africa


Rationale of Study -To investigate the role of knowledge leaders to enhance organisational performance through Society 5.0 as a combination of continuous enquiry regarding the systems and processes of an organisation.

Methodology -A systematic literature review, adopting an exploratory and descriptive approach was used to obtain insights into and to relate the basic theoretical concepts through a multiple-point-of-view and exploratory interpretivistic approach. The focus is on the shift to metamodernism, an oscillation between modernity and postmodernity, as an interpretative framework.

Findings -One way to do this is to prepare the system (knowledge management) as the basis for creating a fusion between Society 5.0 and a continuous enquiry into the systems and processes of an organisation, including appropriate policies and technologies, to enhance organisational performance. It is posited that positive intervention will enhance knowledge sharing for problem solving and innovation to develop a culture of trust and commitment. In addition, a conceptual theoretical framework for the role of knowledge leaders in knowledge- based organisations was proposed to emphasise the core philosophy of Society 5.0 where the human being is positioned at the center of innovation, digital transformation and organisational computerisation. In this framework, intellectual capital at individual and collective level is arguably important to enhance organisational performance.

Implications -This paper is limited to the presentation of a theoretical framework. Evidence-based research based on knowledge management and Society 5.0 is needed.

Originality -This review shed light on an under-researched and crucial area in the ever-changing organisational environment and presented a conceptual theoretical framework to address the key theoretical constructs of Society 5.0, knowledge management, knowledge leaders, intellectual capital and innovation to improve organisational performance on the micro and macro levels beyond existing corporate frameworks.


Society 5.0; cyberspace; digital transformation; knowledge management; knowledge sharing; knowledge leaders; knowledge-based organisations; intellectual capital; organisational performance