Vol. 6 No.2 (2021)

Students’ Knowledge of Internet Resources and Search Skills as Correlate of Electronic Information Resources Use in University Libraries in South-West, Nigeria

Atanda Saliu Sambo
Head of Reserve Unit, Library
Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State

Library Department
Federal College of Education (T) Omoku

Rita Eda
Library Department
College of Education Warri, Delta StateCollege of Education Warri, Delta State


Rationale of Study -The research looked at how students' understanding of Web resources and search abilities correlated with their use of electronic databases at institutions of higher learning in Nigeria's South-west.

Methodology -The study adopted the correlational research design. The population of the study comprised 58,526 final year students in the federal and state Universities in the South-West, Nigeria. The researcher used Pearson r and multiple correlation statistics to answer the research questions while t-test of significance of simple linear correlation and One Way ANOVA F-test associated with multiple correlation statistics were used to test the hypotheses at p < 0.05 level of significance.

Findings -The study revealed that there is a high significant relationship between students’ knowledge of Internet resources, knowledge of search skill and their use of electronic information resources (EIR) in university libraries in South-West, Nigeria. This shows that users’ knowledge of Internet resources and search skills variables are highly associated with electronic information resources use in university libraries in South-West, Nigeria.

Implications -This paper can help in the improvement of the store of value for libraries and library users will always have the opportunity to update themselves with current information as well as the developments in their various subject areas of interest since the use of EIR have a good potential of developing its users.

Originality -This is the first study of its kind to explore and describe students’ knowledge of Internet resources and search skills as correlate of electronic information resources use in university libraries in South-West, Nigeria.


Students knowledge, Internet resources, Search skills, University Libraries